It’s official! We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with NEXT.EXCHANGE, which will soon allow you to transact and trade your ETN. We estimate that we’ll be up and running within 3 weeks or so as our devs continue to work closely with their peers at NEXT.EXCHANGE, working together to make sure that we meet all the criteria we need, and that our precious coins are in good hands.


As you may already know, the CEO of EHI and Titanium – Michael Stollaire – has joined the senior team. Michael is helping us filter and find the right exchanges for our burgeoning business. He has vast experience and contacts, both of which will be incredibly valuable when negotiating ETN’s listing, and we expect to have more news for you soon.
Michael has quickly become fully engaged with the team, and is driving change at a startling rate. As of today, we already have 3 exchanges in fast track application, and, much as we’d love to share all the details with you right now, the strict application criteria has our lips firmly sealed! I’m sure you’ll all appreciate that any leaks could seriously hamper our application process, which would only cause frustrating delays. That said, we shouldn’t need to wait too long to hear the announcement from the exchanges. 
As Michael powers on, it is already very clear that we have torn holes through the stratosphere to get to this point. It’s a waiting game now, so let’s be patient as the process takes its course while we build great foundations for our coin. 
In closing, let’s remember we have been live for just 2 months, and we’ve made huge advances that other coins can only dream of in such a short time. A major part of our success is because of you guys, the community. You are the reason, you are the drivers of change and we LOVE YOU for all your amazing support. 
Thank you!