SHOCKING: Bitcoin to crash to $8k


Former Fortress Macro Trader Michael Novogratz Once Believed Bitcoin Would Reach $40K by the End of 2018

Bitcoin markets have seen a bearish decline, and the dip seems to be depressing some of the most prominent proponents. Michael Novogratz has been a staunch believer in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for quite some time, and back in September, he announced he was creating a digital asset hedge fund. At the time Novogratz said he would build a $500 million dollar hedge fund by initially investing $150M of his own funds. The financial luminary explained the fund would invest in specific cryptocurrencies as well as initial coin offerings. On November 27 Novogratz was extremely bullish predicting the price would continue to gain exponentially in 2018. Novogratz stated on CNBC’s Fast Moneymike-novogratz-bitcoin-100000-cnbc-696x313