Electroneum ready for re-launch !



Good news for everyone that invested in the electroneum project by participating in the ICO.

Electronuem was supposed to be launched on the 1st of novemeber 2017 but due to its low security profile and the fact that the founders never thought investors were keen on the electroneum crypto project, they didn’t carry out a thorough background check on the security clearance of the project.

Hence, when it was about being launched, hackers were already waiting to pounce on people’s vulnerable accounts to steal hard earned ETN.

Seems like the wait is finally over as Richard announced to all owners of ETN that the first security test has been successful. Text below


Hi Everyone!

I have some GREAT NEWS for everyone!

HackerOne are drawing to a close on their Private Challenge and not one bit of private data has been compromised or accessed by their team of awesome hackers!

They found a handful of little bugs, but did not gain access to private keys, wallets, user data or anything scary. That is a HUGE relief for all of us.

The HackerOne Challenge officially finishes on Monday and we are now rolling out the last of these little bug fixes and we will be launching (ahem!, cough! RE-launching) Electroneum by the middle of next week!

We have not been idle while HackerOne were busy, we’ve made improvements to the look, feel and functionality of the website wallet system (which will enable iPhone users to make transfers until the iOS app is launched) and the Android app, and we’ve been contacting hundreds of potential partners to ensure we have some joint ventures already negotiated for once we are up and running. Hopefully by the time we launch next week, we will have something signed and have our first public partnership(s) in place.

I’d like to thank everyone for their patience, after seeing NiceHash hacked for $64m USD just yesterday, I was glad we made the tough decision to engage HackerOne.

Have a great weekend everyone, we’ll be working straight through to ensure everything goes according to plan THIS TIME!

Richard Ells
Founder of Electroneum
PS – please don’t hit reply to this email – it goes to “no-reply@electroneum.com” which will never be read. My email address is above – I get a LOT so I can’t guarantee a reply. No really, a L-O-T. If you think the phone book has a lot of entries… then you should see my inbox 🙂